A particular church, gathered and completely organized according to the mind of Christ, consists of officers and members; and the officers appointed by Christ to be chosen and set apart by the church (so called and gathered), for the peculiar administration of ordinances, and execution of power or duty, which he intrusts them with, or calls them to, to be continued to the end of the world, are bishops or elders, and deacons (Acts 20:17,28; Phil. 1:1).

1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith, Chapter 26, Paragraph 8

The way appointed by Christ for the calling of any person, fitted and gifted by the Holy Spirit, unto the office of bishop or elder in a church, is, that he be chosen thereunto by the common suffrage of the church itself (Acts 14:23); and solemnly set apart by fasting and prayer, with imposition of hands of the eldership of the church, if there be any before constituted therein (1 Tim. 4:14); and of a deacon that he be chosen by the like suffrage, and set apart by prayer, and the like imposition of hands (Acts 6:3,5–6).

1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith, Chapter 26, Paragraph 9

Pastor Noah Olguin

Noah is a native of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He is married to Katrina and they have three children. Noah graduated from Regent University School of Divinity in 2017 with a Master of Theological Studies. Noah has furthered his education working toward an MDiv at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and at International Reformed Baptist Seminary (IRBS).

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