Mark Sermon Series

Sermons on the Gospel of Mark preached by Pastor Noah Olguin


Mark 16:9-20 “The Necessity of the Gospel”



Mark 16:1-8 “Christ Is Risen”



Mark 15:42-47 “The Burial of Christ”



Mark 15:33-41 “The Death of Christ”



Mark 15:16-32 “The Significance of Christ’s Suffering and the Cross”



Mark 15:1-15 “The Scourging of Christ at The Command of Pontius Pilate”



Mark 14:66-72 “Peter’s Denial of Christ”



Mark 14:43-52 “Jesus’ Arrest”



Mark 14:32-42 “Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane”



Mark 14:26-31 “Jesus Reveals the Hearts of Men”



Mark 14:22-25 “The Institution of the Lord’s Supper”



Mark 14:12-21 “The Passover Celebration”



Mark 14:1-11 “The Providence of God in Christ’s Final Days”



Mark 13:24-37 “The Olivet Discourse, Pt 3”



Mark 13:14-23 “The Olivet Discourse, Pt 2”



Mark 13:1-13 “The Olivet Discourse, Pt 1”



Mark 12:38-44 “True and False Worship”



Mark 12:35-37 “David’s Son and David’s Lord”



Mark 12:28-34 “What Is the Greatest Commandment? Pt 2”



Mark 12:28-34 “What Is the Greatest Commandment?”



Mark 12:18-27 “God of the Living”



Mark 12:13-17 “The Christian’s Duty to Government and God”



Mark 12:1-12 “The Parable of the Wicked Tenants”



Mark 11:27-33 “Refusal to Recognize Jesus’ Authority”



Mark 11:20-25 “Faith in God and a Forgiving Heart”



Mark 11:12-14 “Beautiful but Fruitless”



Mark 11:1-11 “The Triumphal Entry of King Jesus”



Mark 10:46-52 “Jesus Heals Blind Bartimaeus”



Mark 10:35-45 “Greatness in God’s Kingdom”



Mark 10:32-34 “Jesus’ Destiny as Savior”



Mark 10:28-31 “Giving Up But Still Gaining”



Mark 10:23-27 “The Danger of Trusting in Riches”



Mark 10:17-22 “The Rich Young Ruler”



Mark 10:13-16 “Entrance into The Kingdom of God”



Mark 10:1-12 “God’s Intention for Marriage”



Mark 9:42-50 “Hell is Real”



Mark 9:38-41 “Whose Side Are You On?”



Mark 9:30-37 “Seek Not to Be First, But Last”



Mark 9:14-29 “Deadening Unbelief and Growing in Faith”



Mark 9:2-13 “The Transfiguration”



Mark 8:35-9:1 “Forfeiting Your Soul”



Mark 8:34 “Denying Yourself”



Mark 8:31-33 “The Suffering Messiah”



Mark 8:27-30 “Who Do You Say Christ Is?”



Mark 8:22-26 “Do You See Christ Clearly?”



Mark 8:11-21 “Jesus’ Response to the Hardness of the Human Heart”



Mark 8:1-10 “Jesus Feeds the Four Thousand”



Mark 7:31-37 “Christ Does All Things Well”



Mark 7:24-30 “The Syrophoenician Woman’s Remarkable Faith”



Mark 7:14-23 “Your Greatest Problem is Inside of You”



Mark 7:1-13 “Human Corruption of True Religion”



Mark 6:53-56 “Christ Avails Himself to Sinners”



Mark 6:45-52 “Safe with Christ”



Mark 6:30-44 “Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand”



Mark 6:14-29 “What is the Status of Your Conscience?”



Mark 6:7-13 “Jesus Commissions the Twelve”



Mark 6:1-6 “Excuses for the Rejection of Christ”



Mark 5:35-43 “Jesus the Deliverer”



Mark 5:21-34 “Peace Obtained Through Christ”



Mark 5:14-20 “Right Reaction to Christ’s Compassion”



Mark 5:1-13 “Knowing the Enemy”



Mark 4:35-41 “Jesus Calms a Storm”



Mark 4:30-34 “The Parable of the Mustard Seed”

Mark 4:26-29 “The Parable of the Seed Growing”



Mark 4:21-25 “The Parable of the Lamp”



Mark 4:1-20 “The Parable of the Sower, Part 2”



Mark 4:1-20 “The Parable of the Sower, Part 1”



Mark 3:31-35 “The Family of God”



Mark 3:20-30 “Christian Devotion and the Unpardonable Sin”



Mark 3:7-19 “Jesus Calls Whom He Desires”



Mark 2:23-3:6 “Jesus Is the Lord of the Sabbath, Part 2”



Mark 2:23-3:6 “Jesus is the Lord of the Sabbath”



Mark 2:18-22 “Out With the Old and In With the New”



Mark 2:13-17 “The Great Physician”



Mark 2:1-12 “Jesus Forgives Sin”



Mark 1:29-45 “Pursuing Jesus”



Mark 1:21-28 “The Uniqueness of Jesus’ Ministry”



Mark 1:14-20 “The Initial Ministry of Christ”



Mark 1:9-13 “The Baptism and Temptation of Jesus”



Mark 1:1-8 “The Ministry of John”