Revelation Sermon Series

Sermons on the New Testament book of Revelation preached by Pastor Noah Olguin


Revelation 15:5-8 “The Divine Origin of The Bowl Judgments”



Revelation 15:1-4 “The Song Of The Lamb”



Revelation 14:14-20 “The Final Harvest”



Revelation 14:12, 13 “Blessed Are They Who Die In Christ”



Revelation 14:6-11 “The Three Angels’ Frightening Messages”



Revelation 14:1-5 “The 144,000 On Mount Zion with the Lamb”



Revelation 13:11-18 “The Second Beast”



Revelation 13:1-10 “The First Beast”



Revelation 12:13-17 “The Dragon’s Pursuit of The Woman’s Offspring”



Revelation 12:7-12 “The Great Turning Point”



Revelation 12:1-6 “The Woman, The Dragon, And The Child”



Revelation 11:14-19 “The Seventh Trumpet”



Revelation 11:3-13 “The Triumph of The Witnessing Church”



Revelation 11:1-2 “God Protects His Church as She Fulfills Her Prophetic Call”



Revelation 9:13-21 “The Sixth Trumpet Judgment”



Revelation 9:1-12 “The Fifth Trumpet Judgment”



Revelation 8:6-13 “The First Four Trumpet Judgments”



Revelation 8:1-5 “The Great Importance of The Prayer Life of The Church”



Revelation 7:9-17 “The Church Triumphant”



Revelation 7:1-8 “The Sealing of the 144,000”



Revelation 6:9-17 “The Cry of The Martyrs and The Response of Their Savior, Pt.2”



Revelation 6:9-17 “The Cry of The Martyrs and The Response of Their Savior”



Revelation 6:1-8 “Christ’s Sovereignty Over the Unfolding of History”



Revelation 5:8-14 “The Redemption Song”



Revelation 5:1-7 “The One and Only Lamb”



Revelation 4:1-11″The Sovereign One On the Throne”



Revelation 3:14-22 “Jesus’ Message to the Church in Laodicea”



Revelation 3:7-13 “Jesus’ Message to The Church in Philadelphia”



Revelation 3:1-6 “Jesus’ Message to the Church in Sardis”



Revelation 2:18-29 “Jesus’ Message to The Church in Thyatira”



Revelation 2:12-17 “Jesus’ Message to The Church in Pergamum”



Revelation 2:8-11 “Jesus’ Message to The Church in Smyrna”



Revelation 2:1-7 “Jesus’ Message to The Church in Ephesus”



Revelation 1:9-20 “The Patient Endurance of a Kingdom in Tribulation”



Revelation 1:4-8 “Greeting and Doxology”



Revelation 1:1-3 “The Prologue to Christ’s Revelation”