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The Marriage Feast

“The Marriage Feast” is a sermon preached from Revelation 19:6-10 by Noah Olguin, pastor of Covenant Baptist Church in New Berlin, Wisconsin – a confessional Reformed Baptist church subscribing to the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith.



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I would ask you to please turn in your Bibles with me this morning to our text which comes from The Book of Revelation
so we’ll be looking at chapter 19 and verses 6 to 10 this morning Revelation chapter 19 and verses
6 to 10. Revelation chapter 19 verses 6 to 10
brothers and sisters and here with me the reading of God’s word
then I heard what seemed to be the voice of a great multitude like the Roar of many Waters
and like the sound of Mighty peels of Thunder crying out Hallelujah
for the Lord Our God the Almighty Reigns let us rejoice and exalt and give him
the glory for the marriage of the Lamb has come and his bride has made herself ready
it was granted her to clothe herself with fine linen bright and pure
for the fine linen is the righteous Deeds of the Saints and the angel said to me write this
blessed are those who are invited to the marriage supper of the Lamb
and he said to me these are the true words of God then I fell down at his feet to worship
Him but he said to me you must not do that I’m a fellow servant with you and your
brothers who hold to the testimony of Jesus worship God
for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of Prophecy thus far as
the reading of God’s word well last week brothers and sisters we
began looking at the opening verses the first five verses of of chapter 19 which
depicted for us this celebration of the saints that is going on in heaven after
the final return of Christ and they cry out Hallelujah
and we said that word hallelujah means praise the Lord and they cry out Hallelujah because of
what Christ’s final return has accomplished right that final return of Christ
accomplished a great and final victory in a victory of Christ over his every
enemy a victory that that showcased to the whole of creation
that salvation and power and Glory all belong
to God and to God Alone right a victory that demonstrated that
God is both true and just in his word and in his deed
as it demonstrated that everything God said would occur actually occurs
they likewise sing Hallelujah and they praise the Lord in heaven
because he Vindicated his church right he Avenged the blood of the saints that
was shed by the ungodly inhabitants of Babylon right there is such Jubilation in heaven
that we read that they throw themselves down before the throne an exaltation right praising and
worshiping God and how can they not all right how can they not after the the
long and exhausting battle that they have endured but which God alone has
carried them through you know brothers and sisters the the Christian Life in scripture is
oftentimes likened to a race isn’t it and if you’ve ever been in a in a race
right especially a long distance one at that what you know is that right as you’re running your mind oftentimes
tells you what it tells you you ought to give up it tells you you have to stop racing
right throwing the White Flag there’s no use in in continuing to push on ahead
right in a race likewise what ends up happening you in a long distance race you’re probably running on maybe
treacherous terrain right rough and and bumpy ground right as you’re running likewise there
are many times in which your body you think is about to give out that you’re that your body might fail you right but
you keep on running right you keep on pushing ahead you keep on pressing forward why
you do so out of the anticipation of what awaits you right when you cross that finish line
which for them would be what Joy happiness satisfaction peace rest maybe
their family there to embrace them once they’ve crossed the Finish Line right for these many reasons scripture draws
the comparison between a race and the Christian Life now think about the Saints who are
living in the first century to whom this this book is initially written to right
they themselves are are running a race they’re in the race called the Christian Life
and the race is is a hard one for them isn’t it right they are dealing with severe
persecution and they are dealing with suffering and their minds are are asking them do you think that you can get
through this can you actually continue to to push forward
as they continually to continue to to live for Christ being faithful Witnesses
not compromising with the with the society around them they are going through high highs right they’re
experiencing Peaks but very low lows right they’re experiencing many valleys as well
perhaps the the highs the Pinnacles of their week would be the the Gathering of the Saints where they’re encouraged by
God’s word remember they are reminded of his promises perhaps some of the lows that are are
when they walk out of the the meeting of the congregation back into the world not knowing right what might happen to them
right suffering imprisonment death but certainly one image must have been
stuck in their minds right that kept them pushing forward bearing witness to the name of Christ
and obeying his Commandments in a society that was against them and what that was
was the anticipation of what awaited them when they too crossed the finish line
right that is the image that that they had in their head that helped them to to push forward along in the Christian Life
and to continue to to run the race to the end to the finish line by knowing that what awaited them was
unending Joy right unending happiness unending satisfaction and peace and rest
and at that time they be gathered with all of their brothers and sisters in Christ at that time they would be
embraced not by an Earthly family but by the arms of their lord and savior
at that time when all their enemies who are hindrance to their fellowship with Christ on Earth were vanquished that all
of God’s people would in glory encircle the throne fall down worship the king
and celebrate Christ that is what kept them going right that Vision right that glorious
vision and it’s that same anticipation then that I have to keep you and I right
running the race and pushing forward through the Christian Life when we grow
tired or when we grow frustrated through our daily battle with sin oftentimes
finding ourselves failing in that battle and wondering when will this battle ever end right it is that glorious vision
of being with the Lord in glory at the marriage supper of the Lamb they’ll have to keep us pushing forward
when we oftentimes see how weak we are and how it discourages us how so often
we we cave into our fears unwilling to stand up for Christ before others afraid
to lose out maybe on family relationships or friend relationships or or to lose out on our jobs for speaking
basic biblical truth to folks I mean everyone here was a Believer you know that that your life
could be far more easier if you just shifted with the world right if you just
gave into the new morality of our society that is that is put before you every day of your lives
but we must remember this that when we grow fearful right when we start to feel ourselves
becoming timid and weary and we start to notice that we are doubting if we can push through we have to remember
brothers and sisters that we have a wedding to get ready for right we have a a wedding to get ready
for and just when a man and a woman enter into an engagement
like what happens they don’t care about anyone else’s opinion do they right they they block out all the sound
around them because they are enraptured and in joy for that day all they have time to do is to focus on
that day and prepare for that day knowing that that day their marriage
that day is going to be the the best day the greatest day of their life thus far
and so too brothers and sisters we as the as the bride of Christ
are to not let anyone else’s opinions get in the way we are to to block out right the sound
of the evil one and his Temptations He we’re not to allow him to to steal the
joy that we have in Christ and I still allow him to steal the joy of that day
for right now brothers and sisters now is the time then to get ready right that the day is fast approaching you have no
time to lose and so we must get our Affairs in order now
and so when things get you down right when things get you down in this life
you were to think about the marriage Feast of the Lamb right when you are are down because of
your own personal struggles maybe struggles with aging family members maybe struggles with wayward children
maybe struggles in your marriage or financial struggles or or loneliness in your life right when those things get
you down brothers and sisters you ought to be thinking on this right thinking about
the the marriage Feast of the Lamb that awaits the people of God for this will
be the greatest day of your life as well now in order to understand though this
marriage Feast imagery we need to understand something about the the Jewish wedding celebration
right we need to understand something about the Jewish wedding celebration if we are going to properly understand and
interpret our text because remember what Jesus is the lion of the tribe of Judah right he descended from the Jewish
people and so we can’t take Western weddings in the 21st century and apply our
traditions and rituals right to the text no we need to look at what the the Jewish wedding celebration was and and
see how that corresponds to the imagery of our text this day and so this morning
we just have two points that we want to look at together and our first point then that we’ll we’ll call is this uh
the marriage Feast symbolism right so Point number one would be the marriage Feast symbolism
now we’re introduced to our text in verse six with this great multitude right that are that are crying out
Hallelujah now this is the the third time in chapter 19 that that the great multitude
cry out Hallelujah to the Lord right the first time was in verse 1 of chapter 19 where they cry out Hallelujah
recognizing it salvation and glory and power belong to God
in verse 3 they cry out Hallelujah because of God’s Judgment of of Babylon
right that the smoke from that judgment goes up forever and ever and now in verse 6 the great multitude all of the
redeemed remember the the 24 Elders 12 tribes of Israel 12 Apostles symbolic of
the of the Church of all ages right all of God’s people Old Testament and New Shout with joy Hallelujah for the third
time now although now they do it celebrating God’s Universal reign
right his Universal Reign now uncontested right undeniable
acknowledged and recognized by all people as Jesus has put every enemy under his foot and is handed over the
kingdom as mediator to his father in verse 7 then they continue saying let
us rejoice and exalt and give him glory for the marriage of the Lamb has come
and his bride has made herself ready so now to the Jewish marriage customs
generally speaking these are the elements that we would have in a Jewish wedding celebration or the Jewish
wedding Customs the first thing that you’d have is a betrothal you’d have a betrothal now when we think of betrothal
we oftentimes equate it with engagement don’t we right the the Jewish the trothal we
think of nowadays as you know a man and woman getting engaged but what we need
to see is that the betrothal is actually a much much stronger than that right it’s much more than a than a mere
engagement in the betrothal we I mean we’re told in Matthew 1 if you remember that Mary is
betrothed to Joseph and when Joseph finds out that Mary was
pregnant with child what do we what are we told that he wanted to divorce Mary quietly
but yet what had not yet happened he hadn’t laid with his wife yet right they were just betrothed together
there was a uh and so it was much stronger than engagement right we need to see that it’s much stronger than
engagement now during the betrothal then the the terms of the marriage are made between
the parties and you also have have witnesses right you have witnesses of the terms and at
this time what you really have is a legal marriage right during the betrothal you have a legal marriage and
yet the the husband does not take his wife yet back to his home yet right there’s a
there’s a period of time then between the the Truffle and between the marriage Feast right there’s a period
an interval of time between those two things which were the the groom then uh
pays the Dowry if he has not yet paid it and the Dowry could be paid in in a multitude of ways a dowry could be paid
with money right with currency it also could be paid by services rendered that’s what we see in Genesis
29 with with Jacob and Laban if you remember he tells Laban I’ll I’ll serve you for seven years for Rachel
now after that interval period though what you have is a A procession then that generally follows
and now the the the the bride is all dressed and she’s ready for her groom and she’s at her father’s home and now
the the the the groom himself is dressed and ready and now he proceeds to the
father-in-law’s home right to go and to receive his wife and he goes with his
friends and he goes with his family and they and they sing and they Rejoice at what is about to take place
and when he arrives he he takes his wife receives her in his father-in-law’s home
and now brings her back and proceeds back to his own home and once they get to his home what
ensues then is a great celebration right festivities ensue they have the the
marriage Feast also in the evening and this celebration can can take days it
may even take up to a week maybe two weeks right that’s how the Jewish wedding celebrations occurred
now with this in mind then everything that that scripture tells us about the church’s bride-like relationship to
Christ ought to make more sense doesn’t it as we think about because our relationship as bride to Christ as groom
follows this exact same pattern if you think about it follows the same
pattern Paul says to the church in Corinth in second Corinthians chapter 11 verse 2.
for I feel a Divine jealousy for you since I betroth you to one husband
to present you as a pure virgin to Christ brothers and sisters right now you are
betroth the Christ or you have been United to Christ by faith you are legally married to Christ
you are you have been joined with Christ and the witness has been God himself who has witnessed that that Union
and the Dowry likewise now has been paid Jesus has paid the Dowry price for his
bride if that’s what we sing about in in that hymn the church is One Foundation
and that first stanza from Heaven he came and sought her to be
his holy bride and with his own blood he bought her and for her life he died
right that’s he paid the dollar he came to to pay the Dowry right in order that that Christ might make the church his
bride he had to purchase her he had to buy her with a dowry and the Dowry payment that he offered was his own life
right the Dow repayment for the church was was the blood of Christ but those were the terms of the Covenant
of redemption weren’t they right those were the terms made between Father and Son from all of eternity
right that Christ would come and die by shedding his blood to then receive the
church as his bride and so this is what he does and so right now what we need to see is that we are
in that interval period between the betrothal and between the marriage Feast of the
Lamb all right we are right now living in that period between the first coming of Christ where he paid the Dowry and
the second coming of Christ where he brings us home to celebrate the marriage supper right that is where we are right
now this also though ought to help us to understand why this is called the
marriage of the Lamb have you ever thought why the marriage of the Lamb
all right why not the marriage of the son or why not the marriage of the creator
or why not the the marriage of the king why the marriage of the Lamb
brothers and sisters it is the marriage of the land because it is for this fact and this fact alone
that Jesus came as lamb that you have been betrothed to him and that you know him and that you are in relationship
with him what does John the Baptist say in in the Gospel of John chapter 1 verse
29 as he first fixes His Eyes On Christ Behold the Lamb of God
who comes to take away the sin of the world right so this was the only way for
Christ to gain his bride it was by becoming lamb it was by becoming lamb right to come as
a living breathing perfect spotless lamb and a sacrifice an atoning sacrifice for
sin the only one that was ever going to be efficacious for the removal of the
sins of his people that we might be made fit and ready to be joined in that sacred Union with Christ
apart from Christ’s brothers and sisters we are still dead in our trespasses and
in our sins apart from Christ as as lamb we have no hope in this world
it was Islam that Isaiah tells us in Isaiah 53 7 right that Christ came to be
led right like a lamb to a Slaughter on our behalf right we only love Christ now as our
bridegroom because he came to us as lamb right we only love Christ as our
bridegroom because he came to us as lamb right we only love Christ’s bridegroom
because he showed us his love is lamb in laying down his life for his people as a
sacrifice for sin I want us to also see this
under the old Covenant when the lamb which was sacrifice which
prefigured the Lamb of God who was going to come and be a sacrifice for sin when that lamb the old Covenant was
sacrificed was it sacrifice for the sin of every person in the world
for all nations no that land was only offered on behalf of
God’s chosen people the Israelites his treasured possession under the old Covenant
I remember just a few weeks ago he read in Deuteronomy 7. for you are a people holy to the Lord
your God the Lord your God the Lord has chosen you right God chose the Israelites to be
a people for his treasured possession out of all the peoples who are on the face of the Earth
it was not because you were more in number than any other people that the Lord set his love on you and chose you
for you were the fewest of all peoples and this is no different than in the New Testament and under the New Covenant
right what does Jesus come saying to the apostles in John 15 16. you did not
choose me but I chose you what is Jesus John chapter 10 verse 11 I
am the Good Shepherd the Good Shepherd lays down his life for the Sheep
all right we need to see brothers and sisters that it is only the bride of Christ that he has come to lay down his
life for and to be an atoning sacrifice for sin
when the angel spoke to Joseph in Matthew 1 what did he say to Joseph then
he said Don’t Fear take Mary as your wife for that which is conceived in hers from
the Holy Spirit she will bear a son you will call his name Jesus why for he
will save his people from their sins
we need to understand it was for this purpose that he came down his lamb right to redeem a bride that the father had
given to him that was his purpose and this is something Jesus himself recognizes right
before in John chapter 6 verse 38 he says this for I have come down from heaven
not to do my own will but the will of him who sent me and this is the will of him who sent me
that I should lose nothing of all that he has given to me and I will raise it
up on the last day so then brothers and sisters see that in the work of the Lamb and the laying down
his life and the giving of it up upon the cross that he did not die for the sins of every person
or he laid down his life for his bride for his people for those who have been chosen by God but for the foundation of
the world for his treasured possession she is whom he loves it is she who he
came to die for it is she who alone is his bride and who will celebrate with him in glory for all of eternity
and not just for a couple days right not just for a week or two like in
the Jewish wedding celebrations but for all of eternity for all of eternity
and so as you sit here today the question we must ask ourselves is do you have an invitation
to that wedding feast do you have an invitation to the wedding
Feast because it is an invitation only event
it is an Invitational event look with me at verse 9 please
and the angel said to me write this blessed are those who are invited
to the marriage supper of the Lamb blessed are those who are invited
and now you may be asking some of you here today well how do we how do we get invited to this this is something that
we want to be a part of well this leads us into our second and our final point this morning which is
the marriage Feast garments the marriage Feast garments
look with me at verse 8 then please it was granted her
to clothe herself with fine linen bright
and pure now what I want us to see is that this verse
interprets what has just come before it right in verse 7
let us rejoice and exalt and give him glory for the marriage of the Lamb has come
and his bride has made herself ready right this verse 8 interprets that verse
for us right how did she make herself ready right how does she make herself ready it
was it was granted to her to clothe herself with these garments
that’s how she was able to make herself ready because it was granted to her and this fact that it was not what she did
that merited anything but rather something that was freely given to her is further supported by the Old
Testament text that is alluded to here if you would like to please turn with me
over to Isaiah chapter 61. Isaiah chapter 61
helps us to kind of bring out the meaning of our text tears is our
Revelation text is is alluding to to Isaiah 61.
Isaiah 61 and we’ll we’ll begin in in verse 10.
Isaiah 61 verse 10. I will greatly rejoice in the Lord
my soul shall exalt in my God for he has clothed me with the garments
of salvation he has covered me with the robe of
righteousness as a bridegroom decks himself like a priest with a beautiful headdress and as
a bride adorns herself with her jewels for as the Earth brings forth its
sprouts and as a garden causes what is sown in it to sprout up so the Lord God will cause righteousness
and praise to to spout up before the Nations
so we need to see here that the emphasis is on God’s Sovereign provision of his
people right to give to her the clothing that she will wear it is he that closed her
right he closed her in our Isaiah text is describing here the the rejoicing of
the Saints that’s going to go on as God closed her in her end time
restoration and the clothing here represents what salvation and righteousness which come
not from their own works or from their own merits but comes from God and God Alone who provides it he adorns his
bride right he causes her to wear what she wears right he gives her the clothes
that are of fine linen bright and pure
now what we need to likewise see is that these clothes though are in distinction from the clothes that Babylon wore
aren’t they if you remember in Revelation chapter 18 verse 16 we’re
told of the garments which Babylon wore we were told that she was clothed in
fine linen and purple and Scarlet adorned with gold and jewels and pearls
what were all those things those were all things that they sought after
those were all things they loved those were things they balked and sold and traded
that they worked for and earned with their own Merit and through the use of their own funds
and their own efforts of their own hands but we need to see brothers and sisters
is that these garments that they wear are different from the garments which we wear
right the garments that we wear are garments that God provides it cannot be bought nor sold
right the garments that we wear cannot be earned or merited through the
work of one’s hands or the or the sweat of one’s brow there’s nothing you can do
to attain them yourself by your own workings or efforts right they are
Christ’s he gives them to you which is why even though the the
garments of this world will one day perish right the garments that the Saints wear
will be worn forever that they will be worn forever you want to know why because the garments that
both groups wear are of different quality right they have different quality in
nature right the the ones that that Christ provides are eternal
are Immortal are imperishable an incorruptive Incorruptible so they will
never right fade away they will never disappear we will carry them upon us forever
and so let us see brothers and sisters at the wedding garments and the marriage supper of the Lamb is not something you
can earn all right it’s not about who can buckle their shoe straps and
kind of pull themselves up by the seat of their pants right and it’s not about who is able to to clean themselves up
enough for God right it’s not about who’s a good person or who does good works or who can
somehow make themselves lovable to God as if God is going to look out in the world and go there’s a fit Bride for my
for my son someone who’s who’s worthy of him who’s lovable
that’s never going to happen that is not what what God will say in fact what do we see with marriages
today with marriages today and in particular I think of of men what do they look for
when they look for a spouse don’t we as men generally look for so when we find attractive right you want
to find your your spouse attractive there are some people maybe who who look for a spouse and someone that they’ve
known for a long time and seen The Great Character of that person and seeing that they have the same morals and values and
so they say to themselves she will make a great bride but but either case no matter which one you you you fall into
right both of them want to first see something lovable in the person before they would ever consider marrying them
this is the complete opposite to what God does for us the complete opposite
and one of the greatest examples of this is in the book of Hosea
the book of Hosea if you remember in the book of Hosea God tells Hosea to go into Mary a prostitute
and Hosea goes out and he finds Gomer it was a prostitute and he marries her
in Hosea chapter 1 verse 2. when the Lord first spoke through Hosea the Lord
said to Hosea go take to yourself a wife of horda and have children of whoredom
for the land commits great whoredom by forsaking the Lord now when Gomer The Prostitute is married
to Hosea what does she eventually end up doing he flees him
she runs away from him and she goes and commits more acts of adultery
right sleeping with other men and what are we told then in Hosea
chapter 3 verse one and three what is what does Hosea do and the Lord said to me go again
love a woman who is loved by another man and is an adulteress
even as the lord loves the children of Israel though they turn to other gods and love cakes of raisins
so I bought her for 15 shekels of silver and a homer and a Leftwich of barley and
I said to her you must dwell with me as mine for all my days you shall not play the or belong to another man so
will I also be to you
brothers and sisters may we see today that we were once Gomer
and we were once Gomer we did not love the Lord
in fact we loved our sin right we loved our idols
and we ran away from God we didn’t run towards Christ we chased everything but Christ
isn’t this what Paul tells us in Romans chapter 3
verses 10 to 12 none is righteous no not one no one understands no one seeks for
God all have turned aside together they have become worthless or think about
that right think about that that Christ did not come
as lamb to suffer and die for a worthy bride he came to suffer and die his land for a
worthless one think about that
he did not come and give his life for a beautiful attractive bride in in
pure garments that was lovely to the eye but he came and offers offered himself
as a sacrifice for an ugly bride one that is marred by sin whose garments
were filthy disgusting stained and marred
and battered and torn but like Hosea Christ knew who his bride
was and like Hosea Christ will not let his
bride go and just as Hosea chased after
Gomer so much so that he ran after her and paid for her and brought her back to be
his own so Christ was sent into the world seeking after his own people
laying down his own life shedding his own blood as the purchase price to buy us back to himself
it is Christ who who has washed us now then when in his blood right made us
made us clean as white as snow it is he who has caused the center to
put on righteousness any righteousness you have he caused you to put on he made you recipients of
salvation right so that now brothers and sisters we are able to make ourselves ready for
the arrival of Christ because of what he has done right so at the end of the day he is the
reason and and what we do is only the result of what he has already done and accomplished or any righteous Works any
righteous Deeds that we now do they’re all attributed back to God because they they spring forth as a as
even Isaiah says there in Isaiah 61 11. they spring out of that fruit of
righteousness already that is within us and so they are all owing back to God and all of those works
right we don’t prepare ourselves God prepares us right he is the one who does the preparing inside of us for the
return of the bridegroom right Paul says in Titus 3 5 that he saved us not because of Works done by us
in righteousness but according to his own Mercy by the washing of regeneration the renewal of
the spirit whom he poured out upon us richly through Jesus Christ Our Savior
see when we were regenerated we were given a new heart a new mind we were given eyes to see years to hear so
that now as the gospel is proclaimed and we have been granted the faith to believe we exercise that that Faith by
trusting in Christ right by trusting in Him and only then can we exercise ourselves
in those good works that God has ordained that we are zealous in
right what does Paul say in Ephesians 2 8 for by Grace you have been saved through faith and this is not of your
own doing that is both the salvation and the faith neither of you are doing
they are both Paul says a gift of God and as a result what happens Philippians
2 13 it is God now who works in you both to Will and to work for his good
pleasure as you sit here today then see how much Christ loves you his bride
right see how much Christ loves you as his bride that he was not willing for
anyone to outbid him for you so much so that he gave for you
something more valuable than gold or silver he gave for you his life he laid down his life and he shed his blood for
you likewise then see how much the father loves you that he chose you to be in Christ before
the foundation of the world and he sent his only begotten son to to suffer and
to die in your place so that you might have a relationship with him think about how much the spirit loves
you that he now indwells you and he leads you and he guides you in a world that is opposed to you
see how the Holy Spirit liberates you now to to follow Christ even though this world tries to pull our
hearts away from him see how the Holy Spirit stirs us up to prayer how he shows us our need for daily repentance
how he motivates us to throw ourselves and cast ourselves before our father’s
Throne bringing our supplications and our requests to him believing that he will answer
does this news brothers and sisters not cause you to want to fall down and worship God
just as John did does that news not cause you want to fall down and worship Justice John did
right this is prophetic testimony we’re told in our text today given by the spirit to John
which means these are true words they can’t fail right remember what John’s condition is
right now at the writing of this book right John is imprisoned on the island of Patmos
he is without Church he’s without friend he’s without family he’s without all of the Comforts of Life
think about how glorious this message is to John as he hears and why he throws
himself down and worships and yet even as he worships he teaches
us something doesn’t he that even though we are saints that we are likewise still Sinners at the same
time right as he throws himself down we are told that he worships the angel
and what does the angel say to John don’t worship me I’m a servant just like you worship God
but what John does is something I think that all of us have a proclivity of doing don’t we
right we all have a proclivity for worshiping men we have a proclivity for putting pastors
on pedestals we all have teachers and pastors and
ministers that we love and that we are thankful for and that we enjoy that bless us
but brothers and sisters let us never forget that ministers that ambassadors that Heroes of God’s word are just that
and nothing more yes it’s okay to rejoice in the message
they bring it’s even okay to thank God for the the giftings and the capabilities that he
blessed those men with but remember that we are not to worship the messenger
because that is all that they are a messenger but rather we are to worship the source of the message who is God
and this message that there’s a marriage Feast that awaits the people of God as a message that to cause us to worship and
offer Thanksgiving to God both this day and every day hereafter
and it should cause us shouldn’t it to desire for that day to draw near
right knowledge of this should cause us to desire for that that day to draw near
think about in your own Earthly marriages as the as the day approached that you were going to be married the
excitement built didn’t it right you were getting more and more ready for it you you couldn’t wait for
it to happen you wanted it to come that be said of how you think about the
marriage Feast of the Lamb I mean think about the inhabitants of
Babylon when Babylon was away from them what happened they mourned over her
right they mourned over her because they wanted to be with her right they loved her they wanted to be
near her they loved all that she had given to them and afforded them is that how you feel about Christ
right do you do you long to be near him do you want him to come down now
so you might be with him forever in glory
the message of the Lamb then brothers and sisters provides to us all a reason to be happy even in a decaying
world full of sin and full of Abominations because we know that a day is coming in which Christ will return
and so it is that message that ought to get us through every struggle we face right it ought to enable us to endure
right the struggles of this world and run the race to the Finish Line right
knowing that Christ is going to return and when he does he’s going to bring us back home with him to celebrate
the marriage of the Lamb the only question left to ask you here today is brothers and sisters will you
be there right will you be there if you’re not sure
then I exhort you to look to Christ right look to Christ by faith because he
will provide for you everything that you need let’s bar heads in prayer
Heavenly Father we thank you for your word what a
glorious Vision that you have allowed your people to behold this morning
we thank you for the encouragement that it was to the Saints in the first century that got them through the
struggle and torment that they suffered and we thank you for that same true message that does not change today
for the Believers all around the world that likewise helps to get us through the trials and the persecution and the
torment that Believers suffer today Lord we pray that you would cause us to
long for this day with great anticipation that whenever we are dealing with the schemes of the
devil lord that you would cause us to remember this to think about this day and to think about how how glorious it
shall be when we cross the finish line and as we are in fellowship and in the worship in the
celebration of the Lamb forever so father we come before you asking all these things in Christ’s name we pray

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